• Associate Professor of Epidemiology
  • AAHP Field Disease Investigation Unit, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

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Course Materials:

VMS 361 Agricultural Animal Health

Vet Clin 576 Introduction to Clinical Research

VetClin 582 Seminars in Clinical Medicine

Handout pdfs:

  • General:
    • The "Paramedic Method" - writing (pdf)
  • Clinical Research:
    • Clinical study design tree, study weak points, and their correction (PDF)
    • Ishikawa (Fishbone) Variance Diagram (PDF)
    • Research Proposal Framework (PDF)
    • Sample size estimation steps (pdf)
    • Research Flow (PDF)
    • Research Pathways (PDF)
    • Using the scientific literature for grant proposals (PDF)
    • Thoughts on grant proposal components - (PDF 1 PDF 2)
    • Specific aim advice examples (PDF)
    • Sample size and statistical analysis statement examples (PDF)
    • Initial statistical analysis (PDF)
    • Pathway to Using R for Statistical Analysis (PDF)
  • Epidemiology / Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine
    • Determining Disease Status Based on Result of a Diagnostic Test (PDF)
  • HPM (Herd Production Medicine):
    • Basis of Marketplace Economics (pdf)
    • Evidence (and Opinions) on the Future of Ag Animal Practice - pdf
    • Herd Monitoring and Information Analysis (PDF)
    • Herd Problem Investigation – Tuesday Morning Seminar (PDF)
    • Agricultural Veterinarian Business Book List (PDF)
    • Ownership Costs and Capital Budgeting (PDF)
    • Practitioner Competency Input (PDF)
    • Small Animal Skills for the Ag Animal Focused Student (PDF)
    • Veterinary Marketing and Salesmanship (PDF)
    • The Veterinarian's Oath and The Five Freedoms (PDF)
    • Skill and Knowledge Learning Steps (PDF)

Recent & Evolving Presentations:

  • Climate Change:
    • Climate Change: Knowing Enough? - AS280 2018 slide PDF
    • Climate Change and the Veterinarian: Knowing what is so - 2017 CVM Spring Conference: PDF
    • Livestock Production and the Perfect Storm: Surprises in Store? - Ag Animal Morning Seminar PDF
    • Increasing Climate Variability and Livestock Production: The Perfect Storm? (2008 NMC Proceedings updated pdf - AS280 2017 slide PDF and handout PDF)
  • Evidence-based Medicine:
    • Knowing what isn't so: Evidence-based medicine (presentation PDF handout PDF design tree PDF)
    • Concepts of EBM: Personal protection in the world of ideas - PDF
  • Medical Error:
    • Medical Error: Knowing (and herding) the Elephants, 50th AABP National Mtg 2017 - presentation handout 6x PDF 2x PDF paper draft PDF
    • Medical Error - 2014 WSU Common Reading Program presentation - PDF
  • Speaking with PowerPoint: Tips, traps and rules of thumb (PDF)
  • The Brain Changers - 2012 T&L Presentation - PDF

Older Presentations: (more static)

Research Reports:

  • Anaerobic Manure Digestion Study - Final Report (trimmed PDF - full report )
  • Cow-calf services survey report - draft

Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence-based Medicine: (dated and static)

Epidemiology Modules: